If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m currently taking part in Markus Cerenaks BlogMomentum2016. Markus Cerenak is one of Austria’s most popular bloggers and he created a starter and a pro edition of his BlogMomentum to help other bloggers getting started or reaching the next level. I’m participating in the starter edition and today’s task was to write an article about the gist of my blog and to formulate an elevator pitch.

What the heck is an elevator pitch?

The term is used exactly like that in German, too but I only came across it for the first time some weeks ago. First, I thought it equals my blog’s tagline, two or three words which are easily recognizable and give a first-time visitor an idea what my blog is about. Well, it’s actually a bit more than that. It describes in one sentence what you do and how you help others. You should be able to explain in less than 20 seconds what your blog and your business is about.

Think of 10 – 20 messages which summarize the gist of your blog

As it’s quite a difficult task to develop a good elevator pitch, Markus suggested collecting 10 – 20 core messages first. So here are mine which describe the ideal reader of my blog:

  1. You are passionate about languages and want to share that passion with others
  2. You want to help others learning your native language or another language you speak well
  3. You want to work online and location-independently
  4. You would like to choose who you want to work with
  5. You want to be your own boss because it gives you more flexibility and doesn’t limit your creativity
  6. You want to combine learning and teaching
  7. You think that languages are one of the strongest means to overcome cultural differences and learn from each other
  8. You’re willing and keen to learn something new every single day
  9. You believe that effort and passion are of greater value than a university degree
  10. You want to connect with like-minded people
  11. You want to integrate languages into your daily routine
  12. You want to make a living with languages without sounding like a salesperson when you offer your services

And now …. here comes the elevator pitch

BlogMomentum2016 - Elevator Pitch
PIRO4D / Pixabay

Okay, I need to be honest. I spent the whole weekend thinking about a really good elevator pitch. I even chose to go the supermarket which is 4 km away instead of going to the one around the corner because I thought a brilliant idea would miraculously arise while I was walking. Unfortunately, it didn’t and all I could come up with is this:

I help people to live a language-related lifestyle which enables them to connect with people from all over the world while teaching and learning languages.

If you have a better idea, please don’t hesitate to write it in the comments. Thanks a lot!

Author: Daniela

Hi! I'm Daniela - a native German who's living as a digital nomad in Latin America. Besides making a living teaching German, I'm constantly trying to improve my Spanish and Portuguese. On my blog, I write articles for (aspiring) language teachers to help them get started and for people who want to travel the world and make some extra cash teaching offering quality language lesson.

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4 thoughts on “What the heck is an elevator pitch?

  1. I like a lot what you wrote on number 7, but for me the sentence you came up with is quite clear, complete and accurate if you have to describe your blog in few words.

    Posted on 17. October 2016 at 9:02
    1. Muito obrigada, Luciana :-). Também gosto do meu número 7.

      Posted on 17. October 2016 at 13:22
  2. Wirklich klasse, in einem Satz klar umrissen um was es geht und das auch noch emotionalisiert. Ich finde es super und nimm deinen Tipp auf die Idee beim Laufen zu bekommen, denn ich arbeite noch an meinem Pitch. 🙁
    Liebe Grüße Birgit von http://www.spezialmamas.de

    Posted on 17. October 2016 at 12:38
    1. Danke, Birgit. Dann war das Ergebnis meines langen Supermarkt-Spaziergangs vielleicht doch nicht so schlecht. Also, auf zum am weitesten entfernten Supermarkt 🙂

      Posted on 17. October 2016 at 13:23