When I first came to Lima, I knew almost nothing about the city. I had heard of Miraflores and knew that it is one of Lima’s richest and most touristic suburbs. However, I’ve always been a bad tourist, meaning I’ve hardly ever bothered to read guides or internet sites about the places I’ve travelled to.

Malecón Cisneros - Miraflores
Parque Iitzhak Rabin

I arrived at my AirBnB at night and although I knew that it had an ocean view, I had no idea what my surrounding was like. So my first walk the next morning was a pleasant surprise. More than pleasant actually. Miraflores and me, that was love at first sight. A couple of days later, I had already booked another flight to Lima and had decided that this is the place where I want to live.  And Miraflores’ Malecón Cisneros is one of the reasons why I like this place so much.

Malecón Cisneros Miraflores
Lighthouse Miraflores

So what exactly is Malecón Cisneros? The Spanish word “malecón” means pier. In the case of Malecón Cisneros, this is actually a bit misleading because you’d expect a pier to be close to the ocean. From Malecón Cisneros, you have a stunning view onto the Pacific Ocean but steep cliffs separate this pier from the actual coast.

Malecón Cisneros Miraflores
View onto the Pacific Ocean from Malecón Cisneros

Malecón Cisneros is more than a street or a pier, it’s actually a sequence of small parks and sports facilities, with lots of flowers and palm trees. And it’s amazingly quiet. There are lots of people but not much traffic.

Malecón Cisneros Miraflores
Parque del Amor

At the weekend, lots of people come to the parks to relax and spend time with family and friends. Malecón Cisneros is also a great place for sports. As I mentioned, there are several sports facilities like tennis courts. However, many people also use Malecón Cisneros to run or ride their bikes.

Malecón Cisneros Miraflores
Parque del Amor

I’ve never been a good runner but made several attempts when I was still living in Germany. However, I never made it through the winter. I made another attempt in Portugal but it was very hilly and resulted in frustration. However, Malecón Cisneros is perfect for beginners as it’s absolutely flat. And as Lima doesn’t have cold winters, I’m optimistic as far as my efforts are concerned. The relatively high air humidity is something I still have to get used to, though.


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