Are you looking for a professional, patient and reliable teacher to improve your German quickly and efficiently?

I’ve been teaching online since 2012. I’m also learning languages online and I’m convinced that 1-on-1 tuition is the best way to improve quickly. And it’s flexible. Are you busy at work or university and don’t have much time for homework and reviewing? Don’t worry, we’re going to slow down a bit. Do you have holidays and lots of time? Then we can work faster.

Learn German with me

How can I help you? What do I teach? 

  • General German levels A1 – C2 following the structure of a book
  • Business German + Job Application Training
  • Conversational German
  • Test Preparation Written and Oral Part (Goethe-Zertifikate, telc, TestDaF, DSH)

I offer my 1-on-1 tuition exclusively on italki which is one of the most popular websites to learn languages online. It’s extremely convenient for both teacher and students as far as dealing with different time zones, payment and the possibility to leave feedback is concerned. Please click on the picture above, it will take you directly to my italki teacher profile. There, you will find more detailed information about my courses. If you have any more questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you don’t have an italki account yet, use this link to sign up and receive 10 US$ from italki after you’ve booked your first session. This also works if you don’t book sessions with me but with another teacher, by the way :-).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you on Skype!

This is what my Students say:

Ich lerne seit über drei Jahren mit Daniela Deutsch. Ehrlich gesagt bin ich ziemlich anspruchsvoll. Meine Erwartung an den Lehrer ist so hoch wie die Schweizer Berge, aber alle meine Erwartungen wurden von Daniela erfüllt. Sie ist empathisch und zuvorkommend mit Wissen und Erfahrungen, die meine Bedürfnisse und meine intellektuelle Neugier befriedigen. Der Unterricht wird professionell, meistens mit ihrem selbst entwickelten Material, perfekt vorbereitet. Sie hat mich aus den Plateauphasen herausgebracht und macht mich süchtig nach Deutschlernen. Mittlerweile hat sich mein Deutsch von B1 auf C1+ verbessert. Wenn Sie richtig Deutsch lernen möchten, ist Daniela perfekt für Sie.

Sachiko Isobe, Japan

Sachiko Isobe, Japan

Head of Training Department website

Daniela has been my teacher now for almost two years. I find her organized and thorough. The first time that I had a lesson with her, I was very nervous. She has a way of making you feel comfortable right from the beginning. She is very knowledgeable about English and definitely knows how to teach German. One of the things that I like about learning with Daniela is that I can set the pace. What I learn is up to me. She is there to help me along the way. I am on the way to achieving my dream of speaking German. I am happy that I found you. Thank you so much, Daniela!

Michele Blackburn, USA

Michele Blackburn, USA

Entrepreneur website

I have only been studying with Daniela for a few lessons, but I look forward to them each week. After fifteen years without studying or using the German language, I've decided to pick it up again; I have both immediate communicative needs and future goals which require a firm grasp and good use of the language. As a language teacher, myself, I am critical of techniques and practices in language teaching. I enjoy my lessons and have confidence in Daniela's own considerable experience teaching; the "classroom" techniques are ones that I use with my own students so I know our ideologies about teaching and learning languages mesh well. Her teaching is clear and memorable, and bits of her explanations come to mind easily between lessons. Daniela has designed a program of study appropriate to my goals, needs, and preferences: we practice conversation, where she provides me with missing vocabulary and explanations of misused and misremembered grammar concepts with good humor and good will, then we use a communicative textbook to systematically rebuild my German capacity, and she always gives just the right amount of homework. With her support and expertise, I feel that I will advance in my German ability efficiently--and that is very motivating!

Stephanie Corwin, USA

Stephanie Corwin, USA

Applied Linguist - Professor of English